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Adopt a Day for Grace Notes Music Foundation

Adopt A Day

Adopt A Day



Price Options
One-time purchase
Renew Yearly
$100.00every year until canceled

A contribution of just $100 will allow you to Adopt a Day for Grace Notes Music Foundation.

Your generosity will help with the costs of providing music lessons to our scholarship students in South Florida as well as our community music outreach programs.


Although it costs much more to operate the Grace Notes Music Foundation every day, your financial support will help hundreds of underserved children who rely on the Grace Notes Music Foundation.

Donate Today!

To Adopt a Day for Grace Notes Music Foundation, please simply select a special day, anniversary, or holiday.  


For example, a couple that love music could pick their wedding anniversary or a grandparent could select their grandchild’s birthday.  


It is possible to do a one-time donation or a recurring donation for the day or days with significance to the donor such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Please join in supporting Grace Notes by adopting a day in honor of a loved one and support a great cause.  

Share the love of music and music education!  

It is the best gift you can give.     

See Your Support

You will receive a Grace Notes Music Foundation Adopt a Day certificate via email with your contribution including the chosen date and the name of the person you are gifting it to. 


It makes a thoughtful gift anytime of the year. 

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