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Music Programs


Makayla Joy Sitton Scholarships

Grace Notes Music Foundation administers the Makayla Joy Sitton Music scholarships which provide private music lessons for students in Palm Beach County based on financial need, musical aptitude and yearly evaluations. There are approximately 20 scholarships awarded annually. Our students are passionately learning to play the piano, violin, guitar and voice from some of the most highly-qualified teachers in South Florida.

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Community Education

In addition to awarding music scholarships, Grace Notes provides group instruction for underserved youth in piano, violin and general interactive activities. We are dedicated to reaching as many children as possible and showing them  music will help develop poise, self-esteem and self-confidence while working with their peers to be creative. 

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Music Camp Grants

Students also come to Grace Notes for music camp grants. Based on financial need, the grants provide summer and/orchestra camp scholarships for middle and high school students to continue their education during the summer.

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 Instrument Assistance Grants

This program assists economically-stressed students to purchase a quality instrument in their field of study. Since Grace Notes’ inception, over 15 instruments have been provided to children looking to elevate their skills and ability.

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Concerts For Kids

As part of our comprehensive music education program, Grace Notes sends our students to attend live, professional music programs in Palm Beach County. They have experienced some of the top performances at the Kravitz Center and other venues in South Florida.

Mindful Music Program

The Grace Notes Music Foundation knows the power of music to impact lives. Developed during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Grace Notes is reaching out to our community in a new way with the “Mindful Music” program. This 6-week workshop is designed in collaboration with a trauma-certified music therapist to encourage teens to “engage mentally and practice healthy behaviors” using music therapy techniques. The goal of the program is to provide this age group (which is at higher risk for anxiety and depression) with the tools to help them reduce the stress and a group where mental health is destigmatized.

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