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Mindful Music

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Meet Mindful Music!


The Grace Notes Music Foundation knows the power of music to impact lives. Now in the time of COVID-19, we are reaching out to our community in a new way with the “Mindful Music” program. This program is designed to encourage teens to “engage mentally and practice healthy behaviors” using music. 

Grace Notes Music Foundation is working with Bree Gordon, a music therapist at Creative Art Therapies of the Palm Beaches (CATPB), to make this program to area mental health agencies and schools.  According to the CDC, mental health challenges have increased significantly during COVID-19. This is particularly true for youth (ages 12-17) who already experience higher rates of depression and anxiety. In their COVID-19 resource kit, the CDC recommends teaching and reinforcing everyday preventive and coping strategies and helping teens stay socially connected. 

Bree Gordon explains: “Music affects the mind, body, emotions and spirit.  Music therapy allows the individual to have control, to create, to share, to move, to relax, to experience and to be expressive in a positive and safe environment.” Mindful Music addresses these needs in a preventative way.

See below some of the feedback we received from the teen participants who attended our pilot program in March of 2021.


“Our music choices as teenagers reflect our identity, our values, our emotions and our challenges. Preferred music cuts through the defensive walls we put up.” – Berklee College of Music


When I did Mindful Music, it really helped me during the school year [to] get a lot of calm, especially during testing, it helped me feel really focused and prepared.  It calmed me down when I was stressed out.  

I started Mindful Music at the beginning of quarantine.  I hadn’t seen anyone in months, and Mindful Music was a way to connect with people through something I love which is music.  We all talked to each other, and it built a community.

Student responses during the drumming exercise:








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