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Edna Runner Tutorial Center

PRIVATE PIANO LESSONS - 4 students are receiving weekly piano lessons with Grace Notes instructor Jed Maness

GROUP MUSIC CLASSES - 10 students are receiving ukulele and general music classes with Grace Notes instructor Lea Roy.

EDna Runner Piano Lesson.jpg

"It has been my great pleasure to provide music education at the Edna Runner Tutorial Center. I have students that are all very eager to learn—one young man in particular that is ecstatic about piano. These children are primarily learning to count rhythmically and read music with proficiency this semester, and I definitely see evidence that they are working as I instruct them to when they are at their home. I look forward to seeing them progress in their musical journey!

"The small (but mighty) group ukulele class at the Edna Runner Center is doing well! They are eager and always ready to play the ukulele—and have a natural understanding of rhythm. These kids are respectful and super smart.  After carefully putting our instruments away, we end every class with some kind of musical/theatre game that gets them up on their feet.  They always ask if they can take the ukulele home."

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