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Because of You and What You Do

ETC Palm Beach is committed to being a positive influence for today’s youth and helping the community where it can. As a small business, we believe in the power of community to heal, grow and change the future. We have chosen Grace Notes Music Foundation as one of our premier charities because it represents the best of what a program can be; support for those that need assistance, an avenue to bring music into the lives of those that can’t have access to it, and the educational component that can transform a young person’s life with the vision of a future different then they have now. "My family is filled with musicians who have been successful in the industry due to the help of others who supported them in their journey. As well they believe in sharing their talent and experience with younger students and generations. Whether classical, jazz, Latin or hip-hop and rap, our family has diverse talents and tastes and I’m lucky enough to have two children who are pursing musical paths as well." We are a proud member of the Grace Notes Music Foundation and invite you and your business to join us in our support. See what music can do to a young person looking for a passion…We have witnessed the impact and it is priceless. For more information about ETC, please click here -


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