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At Grace Notes, we are beginning a very different year of music education. Thanks to your support, we have been able to creatively adapt to the COVID-19 learning and teaching challenges. Our 21 scholarship students are continuing their lessons and building their repertoire. And with your help our community outreach programming is starting strong in 2021.

NEW FOR 2021! MINDFUL MUSIC Our 6-week creative expression workshop begins in February! For middle and high school students, Mindful Music provides a moment each week to create and connect with others through music. This new program develops skills in young people to help reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Facilitated by board-certified, music therapist Bree Gordon for music-guided meditation, song writing, playlist creation and more. No musical background is required. We have a couple of spots left. So if you know a teen who might be interested, please click here to send us an email. This program is offered free of charge.


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